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Rushd Solution

Why should you go with Rushd

Accurate financial data usd for financial modeling simplified for Real Estate market participants with ease of access through business intelligence tools


The problem

We are working on solutions to help

Real Estate Investor/Developer

Paying for the deal more than it's worth or bidding less and losing the deal.

Real Estate Brokers

Sending irrelevant information to buyers, delay in selling

Real estate lenders

Not estimating risks well thus losing money.

Real Estate market makers

The main problem in the market is lack of information and data



SaaS Platform that empowrs real estate market participants with multiple tools and range of services

Feasibility Studies

Keep or Sell, Sell or Rent and Compare available investments.

Investment Management

Cash Flow Management, Scenario Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, Portfolio Management, Managing Investment Risks and Operations


Financing Calculator, Financing Structure

Business Intellligence

Export Investment as reports, dashboards, charts, grphas and presentations.

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Spreading Financial Literacy.
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